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Audio and signal processing.  Hardware and software.

Peter Eastty Limited has a history in digital audio and signal processing spanning 45 years.  We've designed spectrum analysers, digital music analysers and synthesizers, graphics processors, human interface devices, distributed software applications, mainframe computer hardware, micro-processor systems, auto-routers, radio frequency hardware and software, digital audio processors and programming environments, audio processing algorithms, digital filters, graphical user interfaces, encryption and decryption processors and programs, audio networks and the audio processors and processing inside cell phones, tablets and PCs.

See the History, Publications, Patents and Hardware pages for an idea of the things we've already done and the People page for CVs.


The picture above depicts a field in Oxfordshire almost ready for harvesting.  Harvest is the time when the fruits of past labour are gathered in.  It requires lots of hard work.  It is a busy time for everyone.  Harvesting yields rewards for all those involved.


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